The recording of the Graham Norton Show

Yesterday the Graham Norton Show, that is being broadcast on Friday with Dame Shirley Bassey & Blake, has been recorded.
Here you can once more enjoy the last time Dame Shirley was on the Graham Norton Show which was last year. (Special thanks to Peter for the newspapers)


2015 I

2015 H - Copy (2)

Tiger Bay temptress and world famous singer Dame Shirley Bassey flirts outrageously with comedian and children’s author David Walliams on the Graham Norton show airing tonight on BBC One.

Shirley was on the chatshow to promote her new album – Hello Like Before – but got caught up in a raucous exchange with Walliams who revealed he is a huge James Bond fan.


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6 thoughts on “The recording of the Graham Norton Show”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I thoroughly enjoyed this archive. Love Dame Shirley and Ollie Baines’ amusing description of their clashes during the recording of the CD. I’m in agreement with her about all these singing competition shows, and Ralph Fiennes. I know you’d be happy Pieter if she’d show up in your kitchen with her loud voice because you didn’t buy the CD…LOL!!!

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  2. Oh…and Dame Shirley and the gents look so nice in that picture above. Love her hair and pretty gown. Totally different look from that when she appeared on Graham Norton’s show last year. Love Graham Norton also.

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