Celebrity Radio Interview with Dame Shirley Bassey and Blake


The blog team would like to wish everybody a fabulous new (Bassey) year. Below you can watch the interview that Dame Shirley & Blake did with Alex Belfield earlier this month. She speaks very open about all kind of topics including how unhappy she is with the mix of her last CD Hello Like Before. Also she speaks about touring and is not denying she will ever tour again although it might be in a different way and form. So I am sure we can expect some surprises from her again this new year.Dame Shirley Bassey Christmas Song With Blake EXCLUSIVE 20 Minute Interview Ritz London 3426Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Dame Shirley Bassey 2015 TV Interview Blake Christmas Song Exclusive…

Dame Shirley Bassey has teamed up with the brilliant classical trio Blake for her first EVER Christmas single. More………..

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Radio Interview with Dame Shirley Bassey and Blake”

  1. I would like to wish all of you on the Bassey Blog very best wishes for 2016 and once again for all the efforts that have been put in during the past year. I thought the Celebrity Radio interview was one of the best Dame Shirley has given, so relaxed and yet honest and truthful.


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  2. Happy New Year to everyone who is part of the Blog Team. Wishing each of you a year of great health, joy, love and prosperity. Thank you as always for the great and difficult job you do to entertain and inform us all things “Bassey.” Happy New Year to Terry, Dennis and all the DSB Message Board and Blog fans!!!

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