Last Day of Christmas – Let’s Start All Over Again?

Today a short YouTube video recorded at Blake’s album launch party on 16th November 2015 and a selection of tweets and Instagrams from the event at London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.

6 thoughts on “Last Day of Christmas – Let’s Start All Over Again?”

    1. Thank you very much my fellow January 7th friend. I want to join you in wishing DSB the best birthday she has had in a very long time. May she be blessed with many more healthy, adventurous, and joyous years ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS, and kick up your feet whatever you do…LOL!!!

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    1. Thanks Terry, & Pruette as Like Claudia [29],Today, I too have my Birthday today the 7TH, January, I’m [76]..
      I Almost Shared the Same BIRTHDAY Celebrations [8TH of January] as the GREATEST ENTERAINER IN THE WORLD, [DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY] .
      At Midnight, as I Have Done all my life from 1957, at 17 Raised My Glass in a Toast to DSB and Now I Can Say THANK YOU FOR THE YEARS Dame Shirley, & In 2016, It will be no DIFFERENT ,

      Dennis x [Jersey Channel Islands]

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