Wishing Dame Shirley Bassey A Very Happy Birthday

Dame Shirley Bassey photographed by Andy Gotts MBE

14 thoughts on “Wishing Dame Shirley Bassey A Very Happy Birthday”

  1. Dame Shirley MANY HAPPY RETURNS, These Photographs are Stunning, Love everything about you {SUPERSTAR], THERE IS ONLY ONE., [ YOU } There maybe stars , But SUPERSTAR Belongs to No one Else,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Dennis C.I .

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  2. Many infinitely Happy returns of this great Day when you were born to give sooooo much Happiness to the World, so much of meaning to each and every word sung from infinite range of pure perfection and truth … we are grateful to the Almighty who made you and you remain a timeless sweetheart for ever in the hearts of yr Fans all over the World !!

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  3. Happy Birthday Dame Shirley. Wishing you all love, joy, good health, adventure and peace throughout the year! Pray you enjoy celebrating you tomorrow and each day because you deserve it. Thank you for entertaining us with song, and inspiring us by just being you.

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  4. Dearest Dame Shirley Bassey:

    I wish you a very, very happy birthday!!! expecting to have you singing as you do for many many years.

    Regards from México City to the one and only Diva! I embrace you!

    Hector A. Chombo Garcia

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  5. I cannot add any more to all the great comments made. Dame Shirley you are without doubt the greatest female singer of a generation and I feel privileged to have seen you perform on numerous occasions; you never fail to please THANK YOU!
    Have a very Happy ’29th’ birthday! – Terry x.

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  6. *sigh* If only there were a way to measure the tremendous joy DSB has given the world.

    I just don’t think she will ever truly understand what she means to us. Her music has certainly enriched, and perhaps even saved, lives. The sound of her voice is comfort. I wish her a very Happy Birthday from sunny California.

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