Dame Shirley at Somerset House Skate Launch

On Tuesday November 17th, Dame Shirley Bassey attended the opening of the Skate at Somerset House with Fortnum and Mason.

Underneath the twinkliest Christmas tree in town, decorated with a generous sprinkling of mini Fortnum’s hampers, guests whizzed around to DJ Gemma Cairney, while snow queens tottered around the sides on gigantic stilts.

Dame Shirley Bassey confessed even she’s not perfect when Daily Mail bumped into her at this event:

“It’s not my business to have an opinion on Sam Smith’s Bond song because Goldfinger wasn’t perfect. Not many people know this, but there are two wrong notes in there. The more I listen back, the more I can hear them. I’ve been unhappy about the song for 50 years!”

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4 thoughts on “Dame Shirley at Somerset House Skate Launch”

  1. you do great work in furthering the cause of the great DSB but featuring
    Joan Collins in such a prominent seems desperate-none of her work
    stands up today and she is not in the same league as the dame!!


    1. Pieter and all from the Bassey Blog: I thought your piece on Dame Shirley Bassey and Dame Joan Collins was excellent. It was great that you brought in the history between these two ladies, and of course, Joan Collin’s father who was instrumental in helping Shirley start into the business. Many people are aware of the long-time friendship between these two dames, but I would say most were not aware of how and where it started, Regards, Scot (Shirley Bassey Music and Vids)

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  2. What a true professional Dame Shirley is, I agree with you sbettyboi she replied to the Sam Smith question admirably and mentioning the problem with the Goldfinger notes shows how a perfectionist she is. To me though she is PERFECT!


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