DSB at Buckingham Palace for Royal Welsh Gala

The Prince of Wales hosted a gala concert for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama at Buckingham Palace on Monday. Dame Shirley Bassey, who generously supports two students at the college with scholarships, told BBC Wales at the event how she felt compelled to sponsor their training: “I started off with nobody supporting me, there was nothing when I started, there were no schools or college for me. I made it, and I wanted to give that back to my hometown, where I came from in the docks of Cardiff.”

Dame Shirley Bassey met nine-year-old pianist Charlotte Kwok, from Llanharan, who is a member of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama junior conservatoire, with her Mother Chui Au and and father Nicholas Kwok.

Dame Shirley Bassey at Buckingham Palace

American soprano Chanae Curtis, 25, is on the college’s opera MA course and said Dame Shirley was full of praise for the show: “Just being here is incredible and then speaking to Shirley Bassey was amazing. It was nice to know that she liked it. She was so encouraging and had such a warm heart. She made a great comment and said that the college is opening doors and if she had had some of those opportunities when she was young she might have taken a different route.”

The College’s remarkable achievements in recent years have earned it a growing international reputation as a centre of excellence in training for careers in the arts and creative industries. The new venues and facilities opened in 2011 mean that exceptionally talented young people from across Wales can now train alongside their peers from more than 30 countries in facilities to rival the best in the world.

Other guests included actor Michael Sheen, actress Ruth Jones and singer Bryn Terfel.

Mae Ms Bassey yn noddi ysgoloriaethau i ddau fyfyriwr yn y coleg, a dywedodd wrth BBC Cymru ei bod yn teimlo angenrheidrwydd i noddi eu hyfforddiant. “Dechreuais i ffwrdd gyda neb yn fy nghefnogi,” meddai. “Doedd ‘na ddim cefnogaeth pan ddechreuais i, doedd dim ysgolion neu goleg i mi. “Fe wnes i lwyddo, ac rydw i’n awyddus nawr i gefnogi fy nhref enedigol, o ble ddes i – o’r dociau yng Nghaerdydd.” (BBC Cymru)

5 thoughts on “DSB at Buckingham Palace for Royal Welsh Gala”

  1. Dame Shirley does so many giving and caring things to help support causes and people..
    That is just one of the many reasons she is so special….thanks for posting and the photos.

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  2. Agree with you Pruette, 100% Her Giving to CHARITIES ,Endless,
    IF you have not Checked Dame Shirley’s 1960’s 4/5 ,
    I was THRILLED & HONOURD to find my PHOTOGRAPH taken with Dame Shirley in 1963 included , I had no idea,, I was just going through the VIDEO & I came face to face with MYSELF aged [23] & Dame Shirley at [26] THE GREATEST ACCOLADE EVER.
    To be Part Of DSB’s “LIFE IN PICTURES ” the 1960’s, WHAT ELSE COULD I ASK FOR I AM IN NUMBER 4 OF 5 , ,& IT’S
    Picture NUMBER [41] BUT THERE IS NO DOUBT there is only one
    S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R ,

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  3. Thanks Pieter! What a great event, and what a great cause for DSB to support. She really loves children and young people as is evident whenever you see pictures of her with them, and clear in the picture with her and little Charlotte Kwok. What an unforgettable and memorable experience for her and the college students that she chatted with. DSB looks really lovely, and very happy. Good for her!!!

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