Something -The album-

z (2)Here a clip from a special made for the release of the ‘Something’ album in 1970: ‘It’s impossible’ & ‘Yesterday I heard the rain’. The BBC show was screened on the Thursday evening before the album was released in the stores the next day. The BBC did a series of shows featuring a different artist each week. Shirley had been in exile for two years, living in Switzerland and her management and record company were keen to get her back in the public eye as her TV appearances had been very limited while she was not in England.Something (2)However she had a record breaking season at The Talk of the Town which had been recorded and her version of ‘Something’ was suddenly climbing up the charts. The record company decided to cash in on the success of the single and decided to release the album. The Talk of the Town album had only been released six weeks before. It became possible to use the TV special to promote the album and therefore a lot of the tracks were featured. Shirley had a massive hit with both album and single.

(Special thanks to Ricardo Monreal Ruiz from Spain for these great clips and to DavidB for the information)

1970 CD RMBassey12thSept

European cover of the album -front-
European cover of the album -back-
Something (2)
American cover of the album
SB - Something - Japan
Japanese cover of the album
Shirley taking a break during the photo shoot for the cover of the album wearing the famous Something Dress
something 2a.JPG
Receiving the silver disc for Something

Photos from the actual recording of Something

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3 thoughts on “Something -The album-”

  1. This is the song that first introduced me to Shirley and took me to one of her concerts in my home town in late 1970, against my wish I might add! Had terrible seats, right at the back but from the moment she came on standing ovations throughout. Near to the end everybody seemed to be rushing forward to the stage, including me – never seen anything like it before – I was hooked! Thanks Pieter you have relived some happy memories for me. The Something album I think must rate as one of her best too.


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  2. Landmark recording. The album “Something” showcases her at the very pinnacle of her vocal prowess. The grandeur and drama of “The Sea and Sand” is overwhelming, I’ve yet to recover. This album is responsible for my Bassey obsession. Completely intoxicating and I discovered it almost 25 years after it was first released.

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  3. Thanks Pieter…awesome archive. Thank you for introducing me to this great album. Have to download the songs. Thanks to Ricardo and DavidB for their contributions to this archive. The pictures of DSB of some of the best I have seen, and she is simply gorgeous in each one. Thank you once again.

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