Dame Shirley Bassey in Gran Canaria

Last week (11-03-2016) Dame Shirley Bassey visited Gran Canaria whit her friends Manel Dalgó and Thomas Schmieder. At night, she went to Funny Boy’s Gran Casino Costa Meloneras

DSB-4 FunnyBoys Cast  03-16 WEB
Manel Dalgó, Dame Shirley Bassey and Thomas Schmieder

DSB was delighted with the show MASPALOMAS DE NOCHE!!!, so she went to congratulate the performers, posed for photographs with the cast along with the artistic directors. It was an unforgettable experience for all.

Manel Dalgó y Fidel Rodriguez (Funny Boy) – artistic directors.DSB, Manel, Fidel Web

As she said: “The best show I’ve seen in years!”

The Dame had a special and affectionate words with for the outstanding Armani D’Vyne Duffus who impersonates the singer at the nightly dinner show.

DSB-0 FunnyBoys .. Armany WEB
“Wow, a memorable moment in my career!… I cried like a child!”, say Armani – DSB impersonater.

Having your idol next to you is a dream that few can come true and Armani was luky this night and had the privilege to perform to DSB in the audience. She also posed with Taran Missen, the talented English singer who starts the show.

Certainly, a magical and unforgettable night for all! She’s a lovely lady! (If you like it, please share it!)


6 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey in Gran Canaria”

  1. Thank you Sergio, Manel, Thomas, Armani and DSB for allowing us to view this lovely occasion. Lovely pictures at the dinner show as well as at the beautiful lodging site. Stay happy, peaceful and healthy each of you. Thanks again.

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