DSB received a birthday gift from Brazil.

Every “little girl” likes a doll, even DIVAS!!! (remembering her birthday – jan/08/2016)

DSB with Doll- MIX

Dame Shirley Bassey looks happy with the modest gift that I sent for her birthday (jan/08/16). A beautiful and talented woman who has a wonderful career because of her incomparable voice, has numerous gold records, has class, has charisma and many other adjectives that makes her a DIVA with worldwide fame. And yet, she’s a simple, funny and youthful person with a crystalline soul, as her voice is. Certainly, she has received almost all kinds of gifts: diamonds, stunning dresses, trips, etc … So what could I offer on the occasion of her birthday?… I thought: as she excites and delights her fans with her voice and performances, thrill her would be a good thing! And so, I had the idea to order the creation of a miniature doll (handicraft “biscuit”) that would be sent in a more refined box (I found nothing of my liking and decided to make one).

DSB doll_HDR 01 MidQualy

The gift was sent to a dear new friend who lives in Monte Carlo, a generous person, international artist, talented and loved by many colleagues: Manel Dalgó! He’s a great friend of  DSB and was so kind to deliver the gift when she returned from a trip! I was glad to know that she loved the gift (the doll made by an artist here from my city – Porto Alegre (Brazil) – and the box I did). The smiling pose from DSB at home, in the living room of his gold records, demonstrates the joy of an “eternal little girl” with her doll. She loves the doll! Excitement and joy for me to know that my goal in demonstrate affection was achieved. My respect and my devotion to you great Dame Shirley Bassey! With love, please accept a strong hug of all your Brazilian fans! (Here, the original post in FACEBOOK) (If you like it, please share it!)

DSB doll_HDR 02 Web.jpg