20ft Gold Statue of Dame Shirley Bassey Unveiled in Wales

A 20ft tall Dame Shirley Bassey statue in a Boudicca pose has been unveiled at Caernarfon Castle.

The reveal of the golden Bassey’s Cry, by artist Marc Rees, marks the start of a three-day celebration of arts, culture and creativity in Wales.

The Get Creative Weekend, supported by BBC Wales, Arts Council of Wales and What Next? aims to encourage people to try something new.

Mr Rees said: “The statue is meant to jolt people into action.”

The sculpture stands on a glass balcony in the walls of the castle, looking out over Gwynedd.

Created in the likeness of Dame Shirley, the sculpture has a hole where her heart should be.

The Bassey’s Cry sculpture took 600 hours to create.

The statue is sculpted from polystyrene, hard coated with fibreglass, filled with body filler and sanded to a smooth finish

The reason, Mr Rees said, was because like a body needs a heart, society needs art to flourish.

“I thought it would be brilliant to combine two very powerful female icons; one historical and one cultural,” he added.

“The statue is a call to arms to protect the arts and a rallying cry for people to use their creativity.”

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