This Is Your Life -1972-

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4 thoughts on “This Is Your Life -1972-”

  1. She sang it, and there it was, almost all the events in her life, leading up to all her successes, brought up to her in one night, and then, there was more, and the saga continues. Awesome video. Simply delightful. Thank you for sharing your life, and your beautiful family with us Dame Shirley.

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  2. You’ve outdone yourself again Pieter. This was so heartwarming makes you cry too. Dame Shirley Bassey is so funny, and I love when she asked Sharon about her outfit…Priceless. What a lovely family she has, and I wish she and Sergio were together today..lovely man.

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  3. Thank you Pieter: I enjoyed reading all about the background and pre planning before Shirley arrived at Heathrow. The show was enjoyable too and we are lucky to have such vintage material.


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  4. At that time it was so fantastic to watch this special television show, to see a glimp of her special life.
    Today it still makes me happy to see it again, so special!
    I agree with Terry that the background information makes it so very compleet! Thanks for this Pieter!

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