La Bamba is a song performed by Shirley Bassey in the sixties on several live occasions but it was never recorded by her in the studio. A live version can be found on the album Live at the Pigalle (re-released on CD). You can listen to it through the player below, and additionally a video from the Show of the Week.



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1965 H (blog)

1965 CO RMBassey18thSept

1965 CN RMBassey18thDec

1965 CD NMEBassey26thNov

1965 AH (blog)

One thought on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 372 -1965-”

  1. Thanks Pieter. What a great archive. I enjoyed each of the articles with the accolades of DSB’s performance abilities. I love this song, and DSB performs it wonderfully, and is also an exceptional dancer as seen in the video. I bet if they were to play Shirley Bassey’s recording of this song even today, it would out chart most of the music being played at present. DSB rocks, and has always been such an inspiration, and example that anything is possible with hard work and self confidence, at least for me personally. Thanks again for sharing one of my favorite earlier DSB performance videos Pieter.

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