Bill Bailey (Won’t You Please Come Home) is a song Shirley Bassey performed as a duet with Mike Douglas in 1969 on one of The Mike Douglas Shows. Mike Douglas sings the Frank Sinatra song called ‘Around the world’ and our Dame sings the Patsy Cline song called ‘Won’t you come home Bill Bailey’. originally called; ‘Bill Bailey won’t you please come home’. The song was written in 1902!



Bill Bailey (Won’t you please come home) Written by Hughy Cannon

Won’t you come home, Bill Bailey
won’t you come home
I moan the whole night long
I’ll do the cookin’, honey, I’ll pay the rent
I know I’ve done you wrong
Remember that rainy evening I put you out
nothin’ but a fine tooth comb
Well ain’t that a shame, I know I’m to blame,
Bill Bailey, won’t you please come home.



7 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 376 -1969-”

  1. Wow, thanks Pieter again for showing another demonstration of how versatile & bold Dame Bassey has always been to cover this classic song on t.v. She is the undisputed most versatile female singer in pop music ever. Even to this day who from her generation of song is not just daring enough but able too deliver the goods on her level, be it new material or covers? Remember: Crazy; Get the party started; History Repeating; We got music & The Rhythm Devine ? Answer, no one! LONG LIVE THE DAME!

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  2. DSB is a spectacular performer. No one can do what she does. She has enjoyed remarkable and richly deserved longevity. She is perhaps the very last of that esteemed class of performer who rose to fame becaused they possessed REAL talent.

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  3. Thank you Pieter…love this archive. I enjoyed the retro poster introducing the song and performance with the two gents, and songstress Eva Mudge. I really believe that Mike Douglas thought DSB was a fantastic performer, and that is why he had her on his show as co-host one time for a week. I love their performance together, and when DSB is happy she really shows it, and is very spontaneous, vivacious and natural. Patsy Kline’s was a very great performer also. Thanks!!!

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