He Lives In A World Of His Own/ Who The Hell


In 1966 Shirley Bassey recorded two songs that were released on an extremely rare demo acetate.

The A-side “He Lives In A World Of His Own” is from the musical “Oliver” – a slow and moving song it is thought was intended for the album “I’ve Got A Song For You” but did not appear on the final release (the album was re-released on CD by BGO alongside “And We Were Lovers”)

On the B-side is the rather more up tempo “Who The Hell.”

For many years finding a good quality recording has eluded us. The Bassey Blog is delighted that thanks to to the kind actions of fan and collector Mark Harrison, the acetate has been lovingly digitised for our enjoyment.

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Who The Hell audio


Lyrics He lives in a world of his own:

trkl016gHow can I tell him I love him?

When he lives in a world his own.

How do you make a man listen?

When the man you love stands alone.

I can’t demand his attention,

Like a child who is not fully grown,

How can I show him I love him?

When he lives I a world of his own?

trkl016fLord knows I do the best I can,

To give the best in me.

But when he needs me most of all,

I stand by helplessly.

trkl016eHow can I tell him I love him?

When he is never alone?

How can I show him,?

When I hardly know him,

He lives in a world of his own. 


Shirley Bassey’s engagement and marriage to Kenneth Hume

1961 R

1961 AI NMEBassey4thAug

1961 X

1961 CN

1961 BA NMEBassey16thJune








dToday a great concert from August the 21.st 1990. Shirley Bassey performed at the Costa Del Sol in Spain. The concert was broadcast by Spanish television. Shirley lived in Marbella at the time and after that she moved to Monte Carlo where she still resides. At the start of the concert a comment is made by the Spanish tv. Unfortunately there is little piece missing at the beginning of the comment. Here is the translation of the comment:

bSean Connery played James Bond but James Bond will always be Sean Connery. The same goes for the soundtracks from 007. The James Bond theme will always be ‘Goldfinger’ sung by Shirley Bassey. Just like her compatriot Sean Connery, Shirley Bassey is an inhabitant of the Costa del Sol and one of her last recordings was done in Spanish.

cBut her succes in the professional field has counteracted and shadowed her private life. Recently she had to go through the death of one of her three children Also she had to go through two divorces and many emotional failures .
In spite of all this she remained optimistic.

eNow becoming a grandmother again, she still thinks she has always found the ideal partners but at the wrong moments. Against depression and misfortune she has only one solution and that is to SING. Sing with all the power she has is the strength that this girl from Tiger Bay in Cardiff has.

pdvd_159 As she says: ‘This evening at the Castillo de Peralada (castle of Peralada), when the lights go down I will forget about all my misfortunes, thanks to the public’s love.’

(With special thanks to Pablo Aharonian for the translation)


About the dress Shirley Bassey is wearing for this performance: A sparkling stage ensemble by Douglas Darnell comprising a bias cut gown with fitted bodice, the orange silk chiffon ground densely embroidered overall with tangerine beads and scattered with Swarowski aurora borealis crystals, the thin shoulder straps crossing above a low-cut back with two long strands of crystals and orange beads terminating in large tassels of vari-coloured crystals and imitation pearls, the skirt with flowing train lined in gold tissue; and a voluminous sleeveless coat with flowing train, the orange silk chiffon ground encrusted with two tangerine and pink sequins, the edges and caped collar trimmed with a deep border of tangerine ostrich feathers with flowing train, lined in gold silk tissue.
Weight of the gown approx. 4.5 kg.