From 1968 to 1971 during her marriage to her Italian husband, Shirley Bassey did a few performances for the Italian television.

Today a performance  from 1968: This Is My Life.
The video from this performance was used for the 2011 biopic ‘Shirley’ featuring Ruth Negga who won  the IFTA Award for Best Actress (Television) for her performance. You can watch the scene from this film where This Is My Life is featured as well as a clip where both videos are merged into one.

Dal 1968 al 1971, Shirley Bassey appare a Rai Uno.
Quando lei si e’ sposata con il suo marito italiano, lei ha fatto un tour per tutto il paese per avvicinarsi ai suoi fans itialiani. Lei ha prodotto 11 canzoni in italiano e Norman Newell ha trovato anche nella radio italiana alcuni dei suoi grandi successi tali “Natali” e “La Vita” (This is my life).”

clip_4aPromotionphoto from United Artists Records Germany (late sixties)

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(From the booklet of the CD This Is My LIfe/Does Anybody Miss me?)



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  1. This song is Shirley’s anthem – I remember the goosebumps when she almost always sang this ‘live’ at the end of her concerts in the 70’s and 80’s – what a way to end! Ruth Negga was brilliant in her portrayal of Shirley and the comparison video taken from the Rai Uno is brilliant – well done and thanks Pieter.


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  2. I take full credit for the use of the Rai Uno performance in the “Shirley” movie. I posted the video on YouTube in 2007 and it has accumulated 1.6 million views and wild acclaim. Yes, you’re welcome. Ha ha! 🙂

    This clip highlights the cinematic grandeur of a DSB performance — powerful, dramatic, electrifying. Of her countless televised performances, this one stands out as one of the truest examples of why she is such a captivating, singular talent.

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  3. Thank you Pieter. You’ve really outdone yourself with this very interesting post. Ruth Negga does a good job portraying DSB in the movie depiction. I always think that Halle Berry would put on an excellent Shirley Bassey portrayal because there is a close physical and personality resemblance to me, or maybe the up and coming singer Andra Day also. Thanks again Pieter.

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