1956 09 08 Tv Mirror Cover girl

1956 09 08 TV Mirror page 1

1956 09 08 TV Mirror page 2 a

1956 09 08 TV Mirror page 2 b

5 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 382 -1956-”

  1. Interesting to read these very old articles – thanks for sharing Pieter. I guess it must have been a lonely life for her in the early years and so much sacrifice to get her to the star she is today – BUT I am so glad she did!


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  2. She was a hit right out the box as an unusual combination of Judy Garland, Dinah Washington and Lena Horne, from her start in the 1950s. Lonely life it is on so many levels because the sacrafice you make of your normal life to be the kind of unique singer Dame Bassey evolved into. She deserves every acclaim and time for peace after all these years with it’s lonely times. BASSEY IS FOREVER!

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  3. I agree with the two above comments Pieter. Very insightful article and it seems her mother didn’t totally spoil her even though she was the youngest judging by the above pictures of DSB cooking, and cleaning. She seems to have had, even at that young age a strong work ethic, and ambition which aided her in becoming the unique, and enduring entertainer she has been over the many years. The pictures are lovely. Thanks Pieter.

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