Rai uno -The Italian television performances- part 10 (Last part)


dress-bFrom 1968 to 1971 during her marriage to her Italian husband, Shirley Bassey did a few performances for the Italian television.

Today the last part of this series, a performance from 1971: Where Do I Begin? (Love Story) & Something.

Dal 1968 al 1971, Shirley Bassey appare a Rai Uno.

Quando lei si e’ sposata con il suo marito italiano, lei ha fatto un tour per tutto il paese per avvicinarsi ai suoi fans itialiani. Lei ha prodotto 11 canzoni in italiano e Norman Newell ha trovato anche nella radio italiana alcuni dei suoi grandi successi tali “Natali” e “La Vita” (This is my life).”





About the dress Shirley Bassey is wearing for this performance:


dress-dAnnouncement at the beginning of this clip:

We start the last chapter of “Teatro Diece” with a lady, an exquisite lady. I won’t tell you anymore about her, I will say nothing more.  Her name will tell you everything. My friends: SHIRLEY BASSEY!

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