Safeway’s Picnic In The park -2002-

2002 A

On June the of 2002 more than 65,000 fans were at the six hours concert of the five performers Ronan Keating, Gabrielle, Dame Shirley Bassey, Diana Ross and Rod Stewart. The live concert, sponsored by the supermarket Safeway, raised £ 500,000 for the Prince’s Trust. The Prince of Wales arrived without Camilla, but Shirley Bassey was escorting him. He sat in the Royal Box between Joan Collins and Shirley Bassey. Beforehand, Shirley Bassey had given a breathtaking 45 minute show

Sitting beside Prince Charles actress Joan Collins and Dame Shirley Bassey, who had performed live on stage just before Diana Ross.

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Dame Shirley Bassey helps plant dedicated trees in Hyde Park, promoting Safeway Picnic in the Park 2002.

After the commercial break with Joan Collins 2 songs from this great performance:

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Series of pictures of Shirley Bassey and Joan Collins from 1994

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5 thoughts on “Safeway’s Picnic In The park -2002-”

  1. Thank you Pieter. Wow, if we could only get tickets today for a concert with such great artist for that small amount today. I really enjoyed everything about this wonderful archive. The background material about the event, the lovely pictures, the video with Joan Collins was priceless, and she looked gorgeous. DSB looked lovely and very happy at the tree planting event, and then topped herself by looking fabulous while performing as well as escorting Prince Charles. What a fabulous performance she gave. If only DSB and Diana Ross would perform together here in the USA. Now what a concert that would be worth seeing. Oh, and since it’s 2016 maybe the tickets could sell for fifty dollars (inflation)…LOL!!!

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  2. Soon to be “80”, this has to be the most amazing “Lady” ever. She supersedes all others at the top, and she always looks gorgeous. So
    as she sings it, “I gave the greatest performance of my life.” She
    indeed lives up to that every time she steps onto a stage. Kudos to
    the best !
    Thank you Pieter for these posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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