On August 13th. 1968 Shirley Bassey and Sergio Novak got married in Las Vegas at the little Church of the West. Located on the Las Vegas Strip since 1942. Also present at the ceremony were Shirley’s two daughters Sharon and Samantha. Below a small picture gallery of the church with kind permission of Susan who made the pictures 4 years ago.

1968 A - CopyB196_095082_1844


1968 AI


1968 Y


1968 AJ

1968 wedding

1968 San Remo

1968 A - Copy 23

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9 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 394 -1968-”

    B-R-E-A-T-H-T-A-K-I-N-G [ B-A-S-S-E-Y } I ADORE YOU ..


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  2. She certainly was a beautiful bride and has now grown older with elegance and grace, not forgetting that voice – what a woman!
    Thanks Pieter and Susan for this memorabiia – Terry.

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  4. Thank you Pieter and thank you Susan for this really lovely archive. I always love to see pictures of DSB and her Sergio. It was one of those world wind romances it seems, getting married after only getting to know each other in a few short months. They seemed to be deeply in love with one another, and I am so sad that it didn’t last. I guess the fact that DSB was seven years younger than Sergio, and may have still had a lot of emotional maturing to do (estranged natural father, and failed first marriage) factor into the dissolution of their beautiful relationship. They also tried very hard to have children, and DSB suffered a miscarriage/s. Pieter, you know I always say this…I wish they had lived happily ever after because I’m sure they had sincere deep love for each other. Thanks again Pieter, and thanks for the beautiful pictures Susan.

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  5. Such a gorgeous woman and I am well aware that everyone has their own taste in partners but as decent a person as Sergio obviously is, he is and never was a looker – in my opinion.

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  6. DSB was ravishingly beautiful and appeared very happy. Her groom was…tall. It appeared to be, as we’ve all experienced, one of those moments where you wish you could freeze your happiness in time and carry it with you forever. Love is its own reward, however fleeting.

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