‘You Take My Heart Away’ – Cut For The Rug Remix

Today a remix of the title song from Bassey’s 1977 album, You Take My Heart Away, by DJ iMFROMULL from North East England.

My original intention of doing the edit was firstly for my Mother in law as an explanation of what I do. She’s a huge fan of Dame and So I decided to do a take of something she would be familiar with. And also introduce some of the new dance floor generation to one of the most Legendary voices of all time.


Gaining inspiration and creativity from across the Disco genres and from his own experiences in clubland through the boom of acid house in the 90’s to the present day. iMFROMULL believes in creating an atmosphere with his sets and tracks building on the experience of the night, to work alongside the room. His classy re-edits are constructed with the utmost respect for the original song and aims to extend the versatility of the track.

The following video contains the original studio recording:

And you can also enjoy this classic live recording from Japan:

5 thoughts on “‘You Take My Heart Away’ – Cut For The Rug Remix”

  1. Dear mam; Helo to the lady of love whom has been flowing love from generation to generation with her beautiful voice and her extraordinary songs.This is Pedram a young Iranian artist (REBEAT) who has grown with your songs.  When i was child my ground mother and my mother used to listen to your songs.  When i grow up i started my activities in the field of electronic music, with the love that i got from you one day i came to think to make IF YOU GO AWAY song to the electronic music and modern version for my generation. Thank God it was successful enough that very soon culminated me in the world of art. This track has been taken into consideration of great artists as Tiesto and Buddhabar and it was like a launch pad for me . I was able to leave a good impression on many old and young people that  still i have not made a track as great and full love as IF YOU GO AWAY.I didi not have a good financial situation and i tried to make a video with all my love and passion which was very expensive but it was very successful. Although it has not released yet but it has attracted  and taken consideration of largest animation festivals. I’ve done this with all the love which i had from you and i have no exception of returning any cost but i just want you to help me to release this trackand the video that i show it to the world and once again to gift the love to the people hearts with this masterpiece of art. Hope to hear from you soon. Best RegardsPedram (REBEAT)

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  2. Thank you Pieter. Don’t particularly like the remix a bit redundant. DSB really sounds beautiful singing in this song. Thanks for sharing the awesomely interesting video giving the detail work of that beautiful DSB award statue that she most surely derserves

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  3. Not my cup of tea! I like Dame Shirley’s great vocal talent and for me this has nothing to do with that!
    It sounds like a needle hanging in a dusty groove of a long play record! Sorry, I’m more of the old fashioned style of this great supertalent !
    But Pieter thanks for sharing because I’m sure there are many guys who are happy with it!

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