I’m A Fool To Want You

shirley-8-ytIn 1994 a five CD box-set was released with a bonus CD of the previously unreleased full lenght recording of Shirley’s 1964 Carnegie Hall concert. Shirley was 27 at the time and it was her debut concert at Carnegie Hall.
Here is a wonderful song from that CD called: I’m A Fool To Want You.



Carnegie Hall


Shirley Bassey recorded this love ballad, ‘I’m A Fool To Want You’  in 1968 as one of the tracks on her Album, ’12 Of  Those Songs.’  Sean Connery wrote the cover notes for this EMI/Columbia LP and regarding this song he writes, “Bassey is at her superb best!”

This song has also been included on several of Shirley’s compilation CDs, including (1989) ‘I’m In the Mood For Love, and (1994) Collection, ‘Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979. In addition, Shirley’s 1964 live recording at Carnegie Hall is also something special to hear!

Frank Sinatra, is one of the greatest male vocalists of his day, and most would say, of any day! But, many of you might not know that Frank was also an accomplished song writer. Well, Frank along with Joel S Herron, and Jack Wolf, wrote this wonderful song. And, over the years, Shirley has recorded several of Frank’s songs, but this relatively obscure song is my favorite.

It is a well known fact that Frank and Shirley were friends and they knew each other going back to the early to mid-60’s when both were performing in Las Vegas.

Frank has said of Shirley that she has the greatest (vocal) pipes in the world.  And Shirley has said of Frank: “Frank had the most unusual voice – it was like an instrument, he could hold a note for so long. He was my idol and I learned so much from him. On stage he was magic!”

This song was written in 1951, and many believe this was Frank’s paradoxical homage for his love to Ava Gardner whom he was married to at the time.

Ava Gardner & Shirley Bassey

Special thanks to Pablo Aharonian for the Ava Gardner pictures