Why Can’t I Cry?

Why Can’t I Cry is a song Shirley Bassey recorded in 1968 probably for the album This Is My Life.
January 2012 saw the 75th birthday of Dame Shirley Bassey and should have seen the release of a new triple CD compilation from EMI Gold.  Initially held up whilst Dame Shirley approved the unreleased recordings included but further problem followed due to rights issues  with the third live CD (a completely unreleased concert recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 1973). Still we have hope that the set might be released one day. Perhaps for her next big birthday coming January?

For a fascinating article about this compilation and restoration CLICK HERE




Lonely am I
Only my thoughts crowd the room
Why can’t I cry?

Time passes me by
The cold touch of dawn tells me so
Still, I can’ t cry

You promised to love me and vowed
You’d never leave me alone with a broken heart
You treated our love like a game tortured my mind
With the pain that someday you’d go

Flames in the fire
Can’t warm the chill of my room
Why can’t I cry?

Feel I want to die
Just how much more can I take
If I can’t cry?

You promised to love me and vowed
You’d never leave me alone with a broken heart
You treated  our love like a game tortured my mind
With the pain that someday you’d go

I multiply all of the hours you’ve been gone
Still, I can’t cry
Lonely am I
Why can’t I cry?

Songwriters: Kim Phillip Ivo Clarke/ Johnny Harris

Tom Jones also recorded this song and below you can view his version of the song.

5 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Cry?”

  1. Hi, Thanks for linking to my website. I notice there is a mistake in there due to not being clear at the time it was written. Shirley Bassey’s catalogue didn’t get split up by the Warner buyout of EMI for reasons that aren’t quite clear her UA recordings stayed with Warner (Matt Monro on the other hand wasn’t so lucky and had his catalogue torn in half with Warner keeping the EMI recordings and Universal the Capitol ones).

    I very much doubt this set will now ever see the light of day. Why? I’ve been given all sorts of excuses over the years, none of which ring true. The most common one is “We don’t know who played on the unreleased recordings so can’t issue them” – This is of course nonsense as all the musicians would have been paid a flat MU union session fee – as was standard. The UK Musician’s Union don’t even keep records of who played on what the majority of the time. Most of the unreleased tracks come from sessions that other released tracks were recorded to so it doesn’t make sense. Any recordings made in the USA, the personnel can easily be traced via AFM, but I suspect most if not all of these are from the UK anyway.

    DSB herself listened too and approved the unreleased recordings so she doesn’t appear to be the stumbling block – at least not publicly.

    The legal department at Warner will however not allow this set to be issued – It’s very odd, but I can’t get any sense out of them as to what the problem really is.

    Although i’m somewhat biased I do think it is one of the best sounding and well thought out Bassey compilations of recent years. It seems a real shame to leave it on the shelf.

    Richard Moore – Remastering Engineer
    Mint Audio Restoration

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  2. DSB can’t cry.
    I can!!
    I cry when I hear this beautiful songs, fantastic!
    I cry that the great CD set ” Shirley” probably never see the daylight!
    I cry that there are music companies who don’t understand that an artist makes music that should be listened by customers.
    I cry that there are disillusion for so many Dame Shirley Bassey fans now.
    That’s why I cry!
    But Pieter many, many thanks that you show us a little part of this CD set!! you gave us a smile on our face!

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