Shirley Bassey walked out of Dean Martin Show

In 1967 Shirley also performed on the Dean Martin Show. It was broadcast by NBC in the US. They performed two duets: Pennies From Heaven & April Showers. Unfortunately we don’t have this video to show.

Note: I will be on holiday for a week. If there is any news DavidB or Ed will post it on here. Till later.



4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 400 -1974-”

  1. Interesting article and I don’t blame her for walking out, nobody messes with our Shirley! I agree with you Pabloii he does indeed look petrified!
    Thanks Pieter and have a great holiday – Terry.

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  2. comme toujour notre jolie Shirley Bassey a toujours eux cette performance vocal aussi cette beauté cette joie quel transmet on adore son sourire sa joie de vivre merci madame merci pour ce partage david

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  3. Thanks Pieter. I thoroughly enjoyed this archive. I guess the picture which Dean Martin signed “Dino” was his way of saying I’m sorry for what that (expletive producer) did to you…LOL! I enjoyed each article, and I love seeing pictures of DSB with her husband Sergio. What a lovely looking pair.

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