Two interviews for Australian TV from 1992 when Shirley Bassey visited Australia for the 18th. time. The first one is on ‘Midday’ and broadcast live from the Hilton Hotel after Shirley gave a press conference for the release of her new album at the time: ‘Keep The Music Playing‘ and the second one is with Richard Wilkins on ‘Today’ where she is very open about her private life.


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6 thoughts on “THE AUSTRALIAN INTERVIEWS PART 3 -1992-”

  1. Hi Pieter,
    sorry but this date is definitely wrong ,The dates he shows in the interview can’t be 1991 Shirley was touring the UK during those dates .
    This is a 1992 interview and the dates fit the Australian tour of that year
    which ran from April 9th to May 1st , also her 40th year in show biz was 1993 just like to get things right …
    best wishes ,

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  2. Welcome back Pieter. Hope you enjoyed your break away. I really enjoyed this archive. DSB looks very pretty, and happy in these interviews. I love the confidence that she gives to single women or newly single women when she says she can stay in bed all day if she wants and “it’s absolutely bliss.” She’d be great writing a book of advice for women of all ages. Thanks again Pieter.

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