Today some newspaper clips from 1977. Strangely enough there is not much news from that year. Dame Shirley was on tour that year and released her album You take My Heart Away.




4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 403 -1977-”

  1. Well, we all know how temperamental Shirley can be but she is a perfectionist, a diva I suppose; the Maria Callas of today. That is why she is streets ahead of any other singer in her generation, I wouldn’t want her in any other way; I am so glad I have been around to witness her fantastic talent – Terry..

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    1. Terry, I would add in this generation also. There are not many singers today that you can even comprehend the lyrics aside. Lot of moaning and nothing else…LOL!!! That is why I will always be a DSB loyal fan.

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  2. I enjoyed this very much Pieter. I wonder if DSB has reigned in her temper much as she has ripened in age and maturity. Very nice to know how much she appreciates and thinks about her audience. Thanks Pieter.

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