Dame Shirley Bassey donated a glamorous gown on a visit to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Dame Shirley Bassey was back in Wales on Saturday night for a very special event.

The Welsh music legend was the guest of honour as students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama staged a performance as a tribute to her in her home city.
Guests at the gala, which included Only Men Aloud supremo Tim Rhys Evans, cabinet secretary for education Kirsty Williams and TV’s Sian Lloyd, enjoyed classic numbers including Goldfinger and Big Spender, performed by the college’s Big Band, music theatre students and graduates, in the college’s Dora Stoutzker Hall.

Dame Shirley took the opportunity to donate the Jenny Packham gown she was wearing – and that she had previously worn to the premiere of the James Bond film Spectre – to raise further funds for the Dame Shirley Bassey Scholarship Fund.

The fund was launched back in 2003, when she auctioned off 50 of her iconic dresses in a bid to raise money for both the college and the Noah’s Ark Charity.

From this investment, a scholarship is now awarded every year to an outstanding Welsh singer to help further their musical development.

Dame Shirley Bassey said: “I started off with nobody supporting me, there was nothing when I started, there were no schools or college for me.

Shirley Bassey Studio unveiled:

Previous recipients of the Dame Shirley Scholarship include Trystan Llyr Griffiths, who won the college’s Ian Stoutzker Prize, and is now on the Young Artists programme at Opernhaus Zurich.

Trystan said: “I am truly grateful that I received the Shirley Bassey scholarship.

“I wouldn’t have been able to study at RWCMD without it.

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Dame Shirley Bassey at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff

Greeting the audience in Cardiff

That’s the actual dress that Dame Shirley has donated



6 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey donated a glamorous gown on a visit to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama”

  1. Thank you Pieter. What can one say except that DSB deserves all the appreciation and accolades that she has been receiving over this year. She looks so very happy at the gala. I’m sure she is so overjoyed to have a studio in the College named after her, but more importantly she will be making a big difference in the behalf of deserving students who attend this college. Thank you Pieter for the Wales online article. Guess we will have an interview between DSB and Mr. Schofield to look forward to perhaps before the end of this year, or next year. So happy that she is receiving all the recognition that she truly deserves.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Claudia, Like TERRY as you know I was also there,
      But, if only as Terry said a Moment, [ ON STAGE ] ,
      But an evening,
      I will NEVER FORGET,& I am in the VIDEO So Thrilled it’s where Dame Shirley is Talking & the camera Goes onto the Guests Below her,
      It Pictures Me in a WHITE JACKET taking a Photo of DAME SHIRLEY on the BALCONY above me,
      The Flight From JERSEY to the U.K , & back, DELAYS due to Dreadful
      Weather Conditions ,[ For an Evening in the PRECENCE OF DAME SHIRLEY, [ I’D DO IT ALL AGAIN ] ANYTIME,, as DSB Sings in the song, HOW COULD I NOT .

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  2. Shirley definitely looked stunning and much younger than her years on Saturday evening at the RWCMD as the lovely pictures and video confirms. All of the performers who took part in the concert were very talented and many will make great careers in their own right; I was only sorry that there wasn’t any sort of speech from her after the concert or indeed a short attendance at the after show party, just a wave from the balcony. Most people I think were expecting this, anyway, it was a one off and I am glad I was able to be present. I am glad too that Shirley is supporting this college and being recognised for her great talent and longevity so those who follow will always remember and know about the greatest singer we have been privileged to witness in our lifetime.
    Thanks Pieter for these great photos and video – Terry.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Terry, I was hoping to see you there, I was CENTRE FRONT ROW,
      a Guy sat next to me, I asked him if he was YOU , No he said ,End of story ,as you said you were also Front Row, It would have been a Pleasure, I was 24 INCHES From the MIC On Stage,, Best seat in the House, Had Shirley Stepped Foot on Stage,I could not have Been Closer to ,
      I had Many Copies of The MEMORIBILA I Have,, of DSB I had Printed out for YOU to see, which I Bought with me to show you, But SADLY
      we did not Meet.
      But what a GREAT EVENING it was, & As you say what Great Talent , in there OWN RIGHT, They should go Far,
      I met & have some Lovely Photo’s taken with the Performers,
      To PIETER Also my Great THANKS for the Beautiful Photo’s & VIDEO,

      Dennis Jersey C.I

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    2. So sorry to have missed you Dennis. I was seated in the front row seat 14. I know now it was you in the white jacket seated with a lady I think? We were so close what a shame! … we would have had much to talk about. Terry.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dennis; I also asked the guy next to me and it wasn’t you – I was in seat 12 front row; I must have been so very close to you. I realise now it was you in the white jacket, it would have been so good to meet up and reminisce. I too could have touched Shirley had she appeared on stage and I quite thought we would be seated near to her – couldn’t have been more wrong we must have been the furthest away! Great evening though. Terry.

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