DSB at Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th. birthday bash

OK! magazine in the UK produced a sovereign video and magazine to celebrate Cliff’s 60th birthday. The video featured footage from Cliff’s Mediterranean birthday cruise along with interviews with his guests and family.

The video sold with the special edition Cliff Richard magazine was available in European newsagents for a limited time only.

Total running is 25 minutes.

Label: OK magazine. Released: UK November 2000.


cr 6

From OK! magazine

cr 1

Olivia Newton-John Sir Cliff Richard and Dame Shirley Bassey

cr 2

Shirley and Beau

cr 3

Posing for a picture Shirley, Cliff and Olivia

cr 4

Gloria Hunniford going after Dame Shirley’s jewelery

cr 5




3 thoughts on “DSB at Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th. birthday bash”

  1. Thank you Pieter for sharing this lovely post. What a lovely group of people included in Sir Cliff Richard’s birthday celebration. What words of wisdom he shared, which are very true. To think that he is now probably 77 being that this was in the year 2000. I enjoyed all the great pictures and the video. DSB of course shined, and no matter where you go, you can’t escape her recognizable fun loving, and kind voice. Cliff Richard is very handsome, and I wonder what happened to Beau? This is an occasion that I am sure DSB and all in attendance still remember and cherish today. Thanks Pieter once again, you are the best!!!

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