The year 1997 marked the year of Shirley Bassey’s 60th. birthday and it was a very busy year for her with all the (open air/summer)concerts she gave, tv appearances and radio interviews. Below a slide show with 50 pictures from one of her birthday concerts, a radio interview and tv. appearances.

One of the birthday concerts was released on CD (on July 26 at Althorp Park) and an extended version on a double CD. called The Diamond Collection.

This concert was also registered by tv cameras but never released so maybe one day it will see the light of day on a DVD which would be great!

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Radio interview

4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 421 -1997-”

  1. DSB signed my copy of “The Diamond Collection” after one of her L.A. shows. I expected an imperious diva but she was very warm and gracious. A wonderful memory.

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  2. Thanks Pieter – these outdoor concerts were fantastic and as usual Shirley was on great form. I remember attending the Highclere Castle concert, charging across the field to get a front position once the gates were open – I managed it then, probably not now! Worth it – Dame Shirley was fabulous! – Terry.

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