FROM THE ARCHIVE 422 -1999/2000-


In 1999 Shirley Bassey heard from her manager that she would be made a Dame. She had to keep it a secret till the 19th. of July 2000 when she received the gong at Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth. She did not dare to leave her apartment for quite some time because she was afraid she would tell people.

Some great lines from the video that speak for themselves are:

-Wales’ queen of song Shirley Bassey.

-One of the most recognizable voices of the 20th. century.

-We are very proud of her here in Cardiff. She was born a stone throw away from here in Bute Street.

-With possibly the biggest hairstyle Buckingham Palace has seen in recent years the diva from Tiger Bay Shirley Bassey.

-Who’d ever thought that this little girl from Tiger Bay would ever one day become a Dame?

-Even after 45 year her career shows no sign of letting up.


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4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 422 -1999/2000-”

  1. She certainly does sunlover60; maybe she’ll be awarded the CH (Companion of Honour) in years to come like Dame Vera Lynn? If her voice remains as good as it is today she’ll still be performing well into her nineties ……..I’m hoping! Terry.

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  2. Thank you Pieter. I agree with each of the above comments. I wish DSB would receive more recognition by the media here in the USA, being that she is an international star that put the Bond franchise on the map everywhere. I enjoyed the articles as well as the entertaining videos, and all the lovely pictures of DSB. What year was that in the video where she is wearing the green gown? May 2017 be a great and exciting year for her, personally and professionally. Thanks again Pieter!

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