Record sleeves from the past – 2.

This double album was released in Belgium in 1977 on the EMI label.  A compilation of 24 tracks all taken from her Columbia recordings.  The release was part of the ‘Blue Line’ series.

Issued in a gatefold sleeve there are no liner notes and the only  photos are the ones on the sleeve front cover.  Inside there are photos of the other albums available in the series.  The back of the sleeve lists the tracks on the album.  There is only the song ‘I’ll Get By’ which was a hit that is included and the rest are a mixture of album and single release songs but none of her hits.  Some unusual songs though that are not normally on compilation albums are included.  Songs such as ‘Angel D’Amore’, ‘Secrets’, ‘How Can You Tell’ and ‘In Other Words’.  A really lovely release and I think a really nice unusual colourful sleeve.


4 thoughts on “Record sleeves from the past – 2.”

  1. I remember I bought this album to, but not for new tracks because there was nothing new on it.
    I bought it for the beautiful, colorful drawings of Dame Shirley that are so equivalent with Shirley her personality !! 🌹
    Thank you David

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    1. This album can only be bought from someone who has a copy to sell. I got my copy off the site – Discogs. I’ve also seen it available occasionally on eBay. I do not think it will be cheap though.

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