Recent Book Published About Dame Shirley Bassey

John Blake publishing have released a book “Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey: A Celebration of My 50 Years as Her Greatest Fan” by Mary Long, who discusses it below on the radio:

Front Cover“Since she signed her first professional contract at the age of sixteen, Shirley Bassey has become one of the most prestigious singers of her time. Her work has inspired and influenced many, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Diamonds Are Forever is the fascinating story of Shirley Bassey told from the perspective of one of her greatest fans. Mary Long first met the star in 1963 while a teenager, and since then has encountered her hundreds of times. In doing so, she has developed a unique insight into the life and career of one of our most iconic singers.

Book reverseThe author’s warm personal story recounts her heroine’s journey to becoming one of the all-time greats of the British music industry, performing at such events as the Oscars and the Royal Variety Show. She also holds the record for singing the most title songs for James Bond films, with three: ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Moonraker’.

Published to mark Dame Shirley’s eightieth birthday, Diamonds Are Forever looks back on the life of this incredible artist whose music has touched so many. It is an essential buy not only for her countless thousands of fans worldwide, but also for anyone who admires and enjoys her.”

Click Here to buy Hardback or e-Book edition

Dame Shirley Bassey by Mary Long

4 thoughts on “Recent Book Published About Dame Shirley Bassey”

  1. I have purchased this book and it is very well written from a fans perspective. It brought back many memories for me of those ‘heady’ days when Shirley was touring and performing her fantastic concerts and on the day itself when the orchestra struck up the opening chords and then the great lady would appear – fantastic! It doesn’t contain anything we do not already know but encapsulates the memories I am sure we all have … I recommend it! – Terry.

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  2. Thank you Pieter. Mary Long sounds like a girl after my own heart, very friendly, intuitive and kind, judging by her words. Mr. Hannam is a very pleasant and effective host. I really enjoyed this interview, the lovely pictures, and I will definitely purchase the lovely book. I am very sure Mrs. Long will be hearing from DSB in the very near future. Thanks again Pieter, you have outdone yourself again my friend!!!

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  3. I purchased the book and throughly enjoyed reading the memoirs of one of Dame Shirley Bassy’s most ardent fans. Touching and almost vulnerable in parts. I recommend the purchase of this book for its warmth, enthusiasm and, somehow, a reminder of a more gentle and innocent past – the dressing up to go to concerts or theatre, the genuine love and respect for the artist and the collective “good manners” of a well behaved and enthusiastic audience. Buy it and bring back some wonderful memories.

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