‘If You Go Away’ by DROC

“The idea for the song came after I did the instrumental to it. I was looking for vocals to put on the song and I listened to a lot of vintage records to find what I needed. I came across Shirley Bassey and I thought it would be a perfect match. The vibe of her voice and the melancholic subject matter matched perfectly what I had in mind. I was really happy about the result and to me it is my best work to date.

“I couldn’t wait to release it. I tried to feel how the audio would translate in pictures. I had the idea of bringing up the feeling of an old VHS-Tape. I wanted to keep the video minimalist and not too action-packed, because it is the perfect song to relax and just let the mind go in the clouds. In the first half of the video I mostly edited in my own recordings, which I recorded with my phone and edited it to make them look like they would come from a lost VHS-Tape. I wanted to catch that atmosphere. The atmosphere of memories, the atmosphere of surreal thinking and the atmosphere of inner peace and self-reflection. I put an old VHS recording of a sunset in the second half of the video. That is the only thing I put in there. I wanted to stay true to the minimalist approach, so I put that one element in there. And since the second half of the song is a little bit more quite, without many loud drums it just felt perfect.

“As I said, the general idea was to convert audio in colors and make it fit together. I wanted to create an experience for the listener. A little bubble without any problems and the negativity in this world. A way to disconnect from the real world and dive in the atmosphere of said subjects. Memories, surreal thoughts and self-reflection.”

With thanks to DROC for sharing his video and story with us.

Single Cover – If You Go Away

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