Record sleeves from the past – 6

This is a double album on the United Artists label from Germany.  It’s a 24 track compilation album that was probably released late 1972.  There is no date of release on the record.

Issued in a gatefold sleeve it includes a double page insert stapled inside with liner notes and some beautiful photos.  The outside of the sleeve is textured and there’s a lovely photo of Shirley on the front which has never appeared anywhere else to my knowledge.  I saw this album when I visited Germany in 1973 and had to buy a copy.  At the time it contained a new song to me ‘Fa, Fa, Fa’ which had not been released in the UK and which I hadn’t heard.  I couldn’t wait to get back to England so I could play it.  This album took pride of place in my record collection at the time.  I loved the songs on it and the fact there was a double page insert stapled inside the sleeve which contained liner notes and also photos of Shirley of which there were some new to me at the time.

SB - Portrait - Germany

Some copies of this album the back of the sleeve is plain black but others have a photo taken from the same session as the photo on the front of the cover.

SB - Portrait 2 - Germany

This album remains one of my favourites today.  The quality is excellent and it’s a beautifully presented album.