Record sleeves from the past – 6

This is a double album on the United Artists label from Germany.  It’s a 24 track compilation album that was probably released late 1972.  There is no date of release on the record.

Issued in a gatefold sleeve it includes a double page insert stapled inside with liner notes and some beautiful photos.  The outside of the sleeve is textured and there’s a lovely photo of Shirley on the front which has never appeared anywhere else to my knowledge.  I saw this album when I visited Germany in 1973 and had to buy a copy.  At the time it contained a new song to me ‘Fa, Fa, Fa’ which had not been released in the UK and which I hadn’t heard.  I couldn’t wait to get back to England so I could play it.  This album took pride of place in my record collection at the time.  I loved the songs on it and the fact there was a double page insert stapled inside the sleeve which contained liner notes and also photos of Shirley of which there were some new to me at the time.

SB - Portrait - Germany

Some copies of this album the back of the sleeve is plain black but others have a photo taken from the same session as the photo on the front of the cover.

SB - Portrait 2 - Germany

This album remains one of my favourites today.  The quality is excellent and it’s a beautifully presented album.




3 thoughts on “Record sleeves from the past – 6”

  1. Thank you David. What a beautiful Shirley Bassey album sleeve. Do you think there are any more available any where? What a treasure for you David. Thank you sharing the interesting facts about this lovely album sleeve. Shirley Bassey looks really gorgeous. Can you post any of the other pictures my friend? Thanks again!!!


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It is possible to get very good used copies of this album either on eBay or a site called Discogs. If you want a copy with the photo on the back it’s always a good idea to email the seller and ask if the copy they have does have the photo as most I’ve seen do not. Unfortunately my scanner has broken and I’m waiting for a replacement but when I get it I can certainly scan the booklet inside. DavidB.


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