1962 Programme


SB - 1962 UK Programme 2

SB - 1962 UK Programme 3

SB - 1962 UK Programme 4

SB - 1962 UK Programme 5

SB - 1962 UK Programme 6

SB - 1962 UK Programme 7

SB - 1962 UK Programme 8

SB - 1962 UK Programme 9

2 thoughts on “1962 Programme”

  1. Wauuuuuw, Thank you!!!
    This is special and unique ! Nice photographs !
    And great that al the records they show on this program of 1962
    are re-released on CD with the same covers!
    Nice weekend to you all !!!🎶🎶🎶

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  2. The Memories come Flooding Back, I was 22 & my favourite song of all time ” YOU’LL NEVER KNOW was on Shirley’s Selected Programme it was her 1961 single release, an old Standard from the 1943 film
    HELLO FRISCO HELLO which was sung by Alice Faye. Thank you Pieter GREAT ARCHIVE.

    Dennis [JERSEY C.I }

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