SB - 1963 UK Programme 1

SB - 1963 UK Programme 2

SB - 1963 UK Programme 3

SB - 1963 UK Programme 4

SB - 1963 UK Programme 5

SB - 1963 UK Programme 6

SB - 1963 UK Programme 7

SB - 1963 UK Programme 8

4 thoughts on “1963 PROGRAMME”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed the bios and pictures of DSB and Matt Monro. DSB had to be pretty confident and courageous to leave her family at such a young age when she first started her illustrious career with the Al Jolson review and the Hot In Harlem she. It is evident she was destined for greatness, even though she may not have dreamed it would be so while working in the factory and as a waitress. I would have loved to have seen DSB as a waitress. Can’t even imagine it. Great archive Pieter.

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  2. This Particular DSB 1963 U.K TOUR Concert With Matt Monro Holds Wonderful memories for me ,I was at COVENTRY, Theatre on the Saturday, Leicester De Montfort Hall, on the Sunday,& Five days Later at my home city BIRMINGHAM, TOWN HALL on the Friday, Best week of my life 3 DSB concerts in 6 DAYS,& my most MEMORABLE Memory The Photograph above was taken in Dame Shirley’s Dressing room, at her Invitation at the Sunday night’s Concert After her Performance because we had waited to see her outside in heavy rain, I asked Politely if we could have a photograph taken to the security guard, Shirley heard my request & without another word ,she said yes , you stand here & your Friend can stand this side. What a dream come true, as it’s me in the light suit, my friend Denis, who’s 25th Birthday it was, the concert was my birthday Present to him , I was 23, & Dame Shirley 26. Our friendship as lasted 60 years ,1958- 2017 Sadly he died 10 days ago on his 79TH Birthday, he will be laid to rest this Friday, But it was Because of Dame Shirley our friendship Began and Lasted a lifetime, THANK YOU DAME SHIRLEY. It was also the Night Shirley announced on stage she was Expecting her second Daughter Samantha, as I new I was Going to Birmingham 5 days later I bought a Cuddly Toy [ PANDA] to give to DAME SHIRLEY on stage , so the other photo’s are also above of me giving Shirley the PANDA & a copy of the above photo in my hand, but my head did not Unfortunately make it., That was 1963, 32 years later in jersey 1995 , I gave DSB the photo again on Stage where I received a Kiss, In the Photo Included, & then in 2013 50 YEARS LATER I received it back From DSB & signed . Now at 78 my next birthday,& DSB 81 I have memories from one particular photograph which stands in my home & of the GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD In the early 1950’s her Career in SHOWBUSINESS in those early days Also featured JERSEY in the CHANNEL ISLANDS , She as been in my life since I was 17 , 1957. [R.I.P. my friend Denis ]

    Dennis [ JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS ] Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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  3. Pieter, my apologies, I did mean to include my thanks to you for this Archive, I Hope the photographs I included do get through & featured which is the reason for sending my comment,

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