I first heard about this album back in 1982 but wasn’t able to get it and had no idea what the sleeve was like or what songs it had on it.  I jut knew it was from Japan and on the EMI label and called ‘Beautifully Impassioned Singing’.  I then saw a photo of the sleeve on the internet and thought I’d love to get a copy.  Around 18 month’s ago I managed to get a copy and although the vinyl was excellent the sleeve was a little worn but totally acceptable.  However a couple of month’s ago I managed to get a mother copy with a sleeve in a much better condition and the vinyl never played.  I was absolutely delighted to get it.

This is a 12 track compilation album and as already stated it’s on the EMI label.  This is No 8 in a series of albums under that title featuring various artists.  As expected there are  several hits included such as ‘Goldfinger’, ‘What Now My Love’ and ‘As Long As He Needs me’.  The sleeve shows a concert shot of Shirley probably taken in the ’70s.  A really lovely release.  I have to be honest and admit that I particularly love Japanese albums as the quality is usually excellent.

SB - Beautifully Impassioned Singing a - Japan

SB = Beautifully Impassioned Singing a 2 - Japan

2 thoughts on “RECORD SLEEVES FROM THE PAST – 9”

  1. Thank you David. I enjoyed learning about this album cover and the album. I love that picture of DSB. I am glad you were able to get a better copy. Thanks for sharing your invaluable DSB albums with us.

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  2. You are very lucky David to be able to purchase all this special material!
    So kind that you let enjoy so many Dame Shirley Bassey fans of this unique items!Thanks

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