In the year 2010 a DVD with Shirley Bassey TV clips from over the years was released by Odeon Entertainment. The DVD contains:

-The Royal Variety Performance (1971) Till Love Touches Your Life, (Where Do I Begin) Love Story, Yesterday When I Was Young, For All We Know & Something.

-The Engelbert Humperdinck Show (1971) The Joker, The Sea And Sand and a medley with Engelbert.

-The Dickie Henderson Show (1971) Flattery Will Get You Everywhere, (Where Do I Begin) Love Story, Big Spender & There’s No Business Like Show Business.

-Whittaker’s World (1971) What About Today & (Where Do I Begin) Love Story.

-Sez Les (1972) Till Love Touches Your Life & Diamonds Are Forever.

-The Rolf Harris Show (1972) Till Love Touches Your Life, I’ve Never Been A Woman Before & Did You (with Rolf Harris).

-Tarby And Friends (1984) I Am What I Am & Send In The Clowns.

-Tarby And Friends (1986)  When You’re Smiling & What I Did For Love.

-Live From The Piccadilly (1986) There’s No Place Like London & My Way.

-British Academy Awards (1987) Goldfinger & Diamonds Are Forever (Medley).

-Live From The Palladium (1987) A View To A Kill, Goldfinger & Diamonds Are Forever. —

-The Royal Variety Performance (1987) There’s No Place Like London, I Could Have Danced All Night & Hey Jude.

-After 10 With Tarbuck (1988) New York New York, The Rhythm Divine & As Long As He Needs Me.

-Live From The Palladium (1988) Almost Like Being In Love, Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me & The Greatest Love Of All.

-The Royal Variety Performance (2005) Goldfinger, The Living Tree & Music.

It is a fantastic DVD although the cover art is a bit poor and the track list is not even printed on the cover. All songs appear with their title on the screen but For All We Know is called Look At The Two Of Us. It all looks like it was done without much care and in a hurry but the actual clips on the DVD are truly fantastic. Once released there were talks about a volume 2 but that never saw the light of day till today unfortunately. The first batch of this DVD was called back to the shops because most of the DVD’s would not play so that was an unfortunate start to begin with.

Below a review from a magazine that is not very positive but obviously the person who wrote it doesn’t know what she is reviewing or talking about because the DVD has raving reviews on the Amazon website

-This is a fantastic DVD! The picture and sound quality is superb. It’s amazing to see DSB singing her most famous songs at the time they were originally recorded and released. Some songs appear twice (on different shows),but they are always worth seeing and hearing again!

-Having waited anxiously for some of Miss Bassey’s early TV material to be released, I am far from disappointed. Big Orchestra’s. great orchestrations and arrangements,fantastic gowns and a golden voice. Sheer star material at is best This is when we were entertained and Shirley was in the forefront when it came to belting out great classics or modern pop. She can deliver like no other artist can. Having seen her on many occasion at the Royal Albert Hall delivering 90 minutes or more just shows the caliber of star we have and there is sadly no one around these days to touch her. No backing tracks, no miming no assistance from high tech mixing desks, just sheer vocal and profound genius. Long live Shirley !! Stick that in your pipe Simon Cowell and smoke it !!!

-This is a great dvd for all lovers of Shirley Bassey, it is a collection of performances from Shirley that have been screened on ITV shows these include classic Royal Variety Performances and the sunday night series “Live From”, yes a lot of the performances are the same songs but its great to see ITV dusting off the archives and bringing these performances to life once more. you aren’t short-changed either there’s 145 minutes of wonderful performances here to enjoy and the quality of the material is amazing considering that some of the shows are nearly 40 years old. This is a definite must purchase for all lovers of Shirleys classic and breathtaking performances.

-One of the best entertainer of the world. This DVD is a true representation of one classy lady. All these non seen performances are marvelous and you dont want to miss them.The DVD is filled is one of many Dame Bassey’s performances through her career. The quality and sounds of this DVD were excellent.
You will enjoy over 148 minutes of spectacular entertainment that leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait until the other series come out. Thank you Shirley Bassey for this wonder gift you have given all of us. Gold Bassey is Forever!!!!

-What a great buy the is DVD is for all Dame Shirley fans this is a must have to fans collection!
Who else but Dame Shirley can blow your socks off with that powerful dynamic voice of hers… this if you are a fan ….you certainly wont be disappointed in your purchase. A GREAT collection on DVD!!…Superb!!

-“And a great time was had by all……” at last someone with sense has decided to release some vintage Shirley Bassey, can`t really add much to the other lovely people on here, other than…. enrich your life and BUY this..FAB FAB FAB!!!!!!!!!!

Scan_20170519 (5)

Scan_20170519 (3)

Scan_20170519 (2)

2010 K

Below my favourite clip on the DVD. The performance from 1971 on the Roger Whittaker Show where Shirley sings What About Today (from the album Something) & Where Do I Begin (Love Story) (from the Something Else album)


3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 433 -2010-”

  1. Thank you Pieter for letting us know about this DVD. Fabulous archive, and I am purchasing this DVD. DSB looks and sounds really great in the above video. Every hand/arm movement timed to the music with perfection.

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