A release on the United Artists label this 12 track compilation was issued in Spain.  All of the tracks are from Shirley United Artists recordings.

When I first saw this album I thought it was a reissue of the ‘Something’ album  as it was advertised under that title.  As I collected and in fact still do collect records with different sleeves I ordered it and to be totally honest didn’t really take notice of the track listing as I had no need to play the record.  It was only later I noticed it had ‘This Is My Life’ on that I looked at the tracks.  Although the majority are from the ‘Something album it isn’t a straight reissue.  I’m not sure if the same album was released in Mexico but there is a Mexican 4 track EP with the same sleeve design.  A nice album with an unusual sleeve.

SB - Something Spain 2

SB - Something Spain 3

The Mexican EP sleeve:

SB - Something EP - Mexico


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