A Night to Remember – DSB at The Jersey Style Awards

On Saturday 24th June, winners of the inaugural Jersey Style Awards in association with Chopard were revealed at a glittering red carpet gala on the Channel Island. A high profile list of honourees included Dame Shirley Bassey who was inducted into the Style Hall of Fame. The celebrities arrived on the island from London by private jet for the prestigious ceremony.

The event’s theme was to celebrate and honour the island’s wealth of culinary, art, retail, leisure, style and heritage organisations from the people who shape its character, personality and individuality as one of the best kept secrets in the British Isles. Local politician Murray Norton said; “This event has been an incredible platform to showcase the best of what Jersey has to offer on a cultural, artistic and stylish level. We are so honoured to have such esteemed guests on our shores and I think the winners showcase that Jersey can indeed punch above its weight globally in delivering first class cuisine, visitor and cultural attractions and luxury adventure.”

Dame Shirley broke into an impromptu performance of Diamonds are Forever as she thanked the organisers for the award.

It was a particularly memorable occasion for The Bassey Blog’s dear friend and regular commenter Dennis Welch, whose struggle to get a ticket caught the attention of the local media.

Thankfully a kind-hearted Islander read about his plight and stepped in with a last minute ticket. Speaking to the media at the event, Mr Welch said: “I absolutely love him for what he has done – it means the whole world to me. 24 hours ago I had given up hope, and tonight she sat right near me and I was talking to her.”

Dennis kindly shared with us the photos and video below, adding “I had a fantastic evening that I will never forget, Dame Shirley was radiant. The man in the first picture is John Ovenden, who saw my story in the Jersey Evening Post. He had two VIP tickets for him and his wife Tracey, but she let me have her ticket saying I would enjoy the evening more as I was the island of Jersey’s biggest fan of Dame Shirley Bassey. My gratitude is forever, John took these photos as he is a professional photographer of sea life, dolphins on the island of Jersey and much more.”

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Alternative video footage can be found here and here.

6 thoughts on “A Night to Remember – DSB at The Jersey Style Awards”

  1. Really wonderful. So very happy for our DSB. She still sounds fantastic and looks gorgeous. I am also very, very, very happy for my dear friend Dennis, who was able to attend this event and even more speak to DSB whom he has admired so many years.

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  2. Dear BASSEY BLOG , Pieter, Ed ,& all the Team on the Blog ,
    I really must Congratulate you all for the FANTASTIC coverage on the JERSEY STYLE AWARDS 2017, I feel so proud to have been part of this once in a LIFETIME event in this wonderful island of Jersey, which as been my home for many years.
    I have many happy Memories of the last time when Dame Shirley was here on the Island in Concert in 1993 & 1995 , when I received a KISS
    from DSB on stage, I look at that photo every day , play a C.D or DVD
    and I thank God that Dame Shirley and her god given talent have been
    part of my life from 1956 to 2017, but it is the photo from 1963 that started it all taken with Dame Shirley in Leicester .
    I might not have got that kiss this time , but I did get to say hello & have a few words with Dame Shirley before the awards began.
    My evening was UNFORGETTABLE from that moment, as I’m sure
    the photographs you have included in the coverage show.
    I must also say the reporters from the JERSEY EVENING POST ,
    Emily Smith & Lucy & the photographer Dave Ferguson ,who
    covered the appeal for a ticket , my thanks also goes to them.
    It was the J.E.P story that caught the TWO kindest people, JERSEY Photographer John Ovenden & his wife Tracey , to see my appeal
    and offer me the chance of meeting Dame Shirley & attending the

    Thank You Bassey Blog

    Dennis, Jersey Channel Islands

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  3. What a wonderfull Blog, so special so complete!!!!
    What a beautiful pictures and videos.
    What great people who made this happen for Dame Shirley’s fans worldwide.
    What a great gift from Dennis!
    Many thanks !!!!💕

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