Dame Shirley Bassey at Fight AIDS Monaco Gala

On Saturday July 8th, Dame Shirley attended a Fundraising Gala for the Fight AIDS Monaco charity at the Sporting Club in Monte-Carlo. Guests travelled back in time with the “Stars 80” dinner-show, complete with a dress code of that glorious era.

This spectacle has been on tour around France for more than a decade with more than three million enthusiastic fans singing and dancing to the rhythm of those unforgettable hits that marked that époque, wearing colorful wigs, fancy glasses and sequins.

The association Fight Aids Monaco, presided by Princess Stephanie of Monaco, present their summer program to create awareness about HIV and raise funds to pursue their relentless work in their battle to eradicate AIDS, a cause DSB has long supported.

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With special thanks to Manel Dalgo, whose Instagram feed also contains some other images featuring Dame Shirley.

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