Record Sleeves From The Past – 15

A 2 album set released in the UK by the Britannia Music Co Ltd on the Philips label.  No year is given for when this was issued.

Simply called ‘A Portrait’ this is a two record set containing 24 of her Philips recordings.  I never saw this album in a store for sale and got mine by mail order.  Housed in a gatefold sleeve there are two concert photos of Shirley, one on the front and the other on the back.  Inside there is a large photo Shirley taken I think during the same concert as the other two.  Unfortunately it is too large for me to be able to scan it.  A very nice release.

SB - A Portrait

SB - A Portrait 3 - UK

SB - A Portrait 2

SB - A Portrait Inside 2_stitch - Copy

A special thank you to Pieter who was able to merge two scans together for me to show you the inside of the sleeve.

2 thoughts on “Record Sleeves From The Past – 15”

  1. Thank you David. Very nice album sleeve cover. When was this concert? Looks like in the mid, look ate 70’s. Got to catch up on my DSB music. You are and Pieter are helping me greatly. Thanks Pieter also.


  2. In 1974 I saw Dame Shirley in concert in Den Hage, the Netherlands whre she also wore that beautiful butterfly gown! Always when I see pictures with that wonderful dress, very good rememberings of a great concert comes over!! Thanks David!!🌹


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