BBC Documentary -1994-

Shirley Bassey: I Am What I Am/ Have Voice Will Travel

In 1994 the BBC recorded a documentary about Dame Shirley Bassey callled I Am What I Am. Here you can watch both versions as there was a slightly different version broadcast in Wales called Have Voice Will Travel. After being in show business for over 40 years at the time and still in full gear the Dame had lots of interesting stories to tell.

(From the BBC): In a documentary that is almost as revealing as her dresses, Shirley Bassey talks about her work and the cost to her family life. “Success ruins your personal life and relationships, especially for a woman…. it broke up my marriage and it didn’t help my children any,” she says. She also talks about how, after the tragic death of her youngest daughter, she broke down on stage in front of an audience of 10,000 fans: “There was an anger there and a guilt and I didn’t give myself time enough to grieve.” Filmed in London, Cardiff and Monte Carlo the documentary includes interviews with some of the star’s friends and associates including her daughter Sharon, her musical director and costume designer. It also gives viewers the chance to peek into the wardrobe at some of her most glittering and glamorous gowns.


1994 U (2)1994 U

BBC UK I am What I Am

BBC Wales Have Voice Will Travel

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For everybody in the UK who is not able to watch the BBC Uk version on YouTube click the player below to watch.

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