Record Sleeves From The Past – 17

This 2 album compilation set was released on the Pair label in the USA and includes 16 tracks in total.

The set was issued in 1985 and contained 16 tracks, 15 of which are from Shirley’s Columbia recordings and ‘The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)’ from her United Artists catalogue.  Strangely though it was a 2 album set with only 4 tracks on each side of the records whereas most companies would have have released it as a single album.  It came in a single album sleeve with what looks like a painting of Shirley on the front and a concert photo on the back.  At the time of it’s release quite a number of fans criticised the front of the cover which they did not like. I personally did not dislike it.

SB - Sassy Bassey - USA

SB - Sassy Bassey 2 - USA

It has since been released on CD twice, once with the original cover artwork and secondly with a completely different sleeve photo.  It is only a one disc set.

Sassey Bassey-1990-CANADA-Pair

Sassey Bassey-1993-USA-Pair