Record Sleeves From The Past -18

Released in Holland on the EMI Columbia label this is a 14 track compilation album.  Unfortunately once again there is no date on the sleeve or label for the year it was issued.

This release has the same track listing as the album ‘Golden Hits of Shirley Bassey’ that was issued in the UK.  All the tracks are taken from her Columbia recordings.  Obviously the big hits are included such as ‘As Long As He Needs Me’, ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’, ‘Reach For The Stars. and ‘What Now My Love’.  They also had to include ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’.  There are some other lovely recordings too.  The front of the sleeve carries a photo of Shirley I have never seen on any other album sleeve and the back features the track listing and a black/white photo.

SB - The Best Of SB - Holland

SB - The Best Of SB 2 - Holland

When the album was initially issued it carried a different photo on the reverse of the sleeve to the one shown above.  The photo they used unfortunately was not one of Shirley.  Although someone just glancing at the photo may be forgiven in thinking it is Shirley it is in fact someone called Brenda Arnau.  The record company must have realised their mistake and and further copies of the album carried the above photo.  Below is a scan of the reverse of the original copy of the album I bought.

SB - The Best Of SB (Back) - Holland

Ms Arnau appeared in the James Bond Film ‘Live And Let Die’ as a cabaret singer.  Sadly she died in 1989 of a brain tumour.

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