DSB & Princess Diana


Today we remember Princess Diana who tragically died in a car crash 20 years ago in Paris along with her friend Dodi al Fayed. Dame Shirley Bassey and Diana met each other several times over the years at charity events they both attended.

Four days before this tragic event Dame Shirley gave her Birthday Concert at Althorp Park where the princess is buried.

8 and 9

Below two interviews with Dame Shirley from 1997 where she speaks about Princess Diana. (Special thanks to Peter for the pictures)





1990 S

3 thoughts on “DSB & Princess Diana”

  1. Thank you so much to dedicate today’s Blog to our
    fantastic and beloved Princess Diana !
    It is after 20 years stil very very sad what happened
    that day! May she rest in peace!! 🌹

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  2. I Agree with Sunlover 60, Many thanks Pieter & everyone At the BASSEY BLOG for remembering Princess Diana, I still feel the HEARTACHE, of that sad day, A BEAUTIFUL CARING HUMAN BEING.

    When DAME SHIRLEY performed her concert at Althorp Park on the
    26th of July 1997, just FIVE WEEKS later Princess Diana would Tragically be killed, but another BEAUTIFUL CARING HUMAN BEING,
    Dame Shirley, makes a Generous Donation to DIANA’S MEMORIAL FUND. like Diana, Dame Shirley as always Shown from deep Within, Her LOVE, LIFE, AND FEELINGS for others throughout her whole
    career, Thanks to God we still have her, R.I.P Diana

    Dennis C,I

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