Today some random newspaper articles, pictures and a video from 1958

1958 H NMEBassey12thSept2

1958 F NMEBassey10thOct2

1958 I NMEBassey26thSept2

1958 M NMEBassey15thAug2

1958 AF NMEBassey14thNov

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2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 442 -1958-”

  1. Almost 60 years old these newspaper articles and lovely video recording! How fantastic that we can watch it again and again! Where will we be without all that peolpe who collect it for us and show it on this super BASSEY BLOG!
    Bassey blog team many thanks for all you do for us !🌹🌹🌹

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  2. Thank you Pieter. I enjoyed this archive very much. The articles are very interesting and the picture of DSB practicing with her pianist/musical director is lovely, and she looks happy and very confident. You can see that she was becoming a very acclaimed entertainer in the September 1958 article about stars with upcoming article. Second to Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley after DSB. I love that song, “There’s Never Been a Night.” As Sunlover said, thank you Pieter and all involved, for in the midst of you own personal lives you have been faithful in entertaining us with all things DSB.

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