Record Sleeves From The Past – 19

Once again it’s a Japanese album that is featured.  This album was not actually ever released in Japan but a version of it was issued in Taiwan.

Titled ‘My Name Is Shirley’ it is a promo on the United Artists label and is a 12 track compilation album.  The tracks are a selection from the UK albums ‘I’ve Got A Song For You’ and “And We Were Lovers’.  The sleeve is gatefold with a colour photo on the front and a black/white photo on the back.  The inside of the sleeve there are liner notes in Japanese and the song lyrics in both Japanese and English.  Normally the lyrics of the songs and any liner notes are usually printed on an insert but not in this case.  I have no idea why this was never released.

I have seen this album without the obi for sale on eBay recently for around £350.00.  I am pleased to say that I did not pay anywhere near that for my copy and mine has the obi.  My copy has not been played and the record labels are plain white with only the catalogue number and A & B stamped on them.  This is an album I was really pleased to get.



The album was however issued in Taiwan.  The sleeve of the album is printed on very thin paper and a polythene protector is attached to it.  I’ve seen a few copies of it and the sleeves appear very creased etc.  I did manage to get a copy of this album earlier this year as the sleeve was in better condition than any other I’d seen for sale.  I haven’t played this album either but it’s the same songs as the Japanese promo above.

SB - My Name Is Shirley - Asia

SB - My Name Is Shirley 2 - Asia

3 thoughts on “Record Sleeves From The Past – 19”

  1. What an interesting and beautiful album cover sleeve David. DSB looks absolutely gorgeous. What discipline you have David to not have opened and played these wonderful albums. Thank you once again for sharing your albums and wealth of knowledge with us fans again. Thanks, and God bless!!!

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