Record Sleeves From The Past – 20

A 2 vinyl set from Germany on the MFP label by EMI Electrola simply called ‘Shirley Bassey’.  There is no date for when this double album was released.

This is a beautifully presented set which contains the albums ‘The Fabulous Shirley Bassey’ and ‘Let’s Face The Music’ from Shirley’s Columbia releases.  The photos used on this release do not come from the original sleeves of either album.  It is a gatefold sleeve with colour photos on the front and back and inside one side consists of a series of photos taken of Shirley rehearsing and the other side lists. all the tracks.

A nice addition to the collection.

SB - SB MFP Doppel Album - Germany

SB - SB MFP Doppel Album 2 - Germany

SB - SB MFP Doppel Album 3 - Germany

SB - SB MFP Doppel Album 4 - Germany


6 thoughts on “Record Sleeves From The Past – 20”

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have found out that it was released in 1974. I cannot find it available on eBay at the moment but it is for sale on a site called ‘Discogs’. I use this site quite a lot and have found it very good. I normally only buy records that are VG or better. I actually prefer to buy VG+ or M. Here is a link for this particular album obi there. Hope you find it useful.

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  1. Question: DSB appeared on a European program in the glorious white gown on the cover of this LP. She performed “What About Today?” Was it a live vocal performance or did she lip-synch to a pre-recorded vocal?

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    1. Hello dnltblog.
      The performance you meant was in 1971 when Dame Shirley Bassey appears in a show called “Whittakers’s World” a show by the very populair singer at that time called Roger Witthaker.
      In that show she sang two songs ; “What About today” and “ Where do I begin”. Both songs she sang life.
      There is a DVD from 2010 with the name “ On TV – Shirley Bassey”.
      On that DVD you can see this two great performances.
      Kind regards, 🌼🌼🌼🌼

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