Record Sleeves From The Past – 21

Another two album set simply called ‘Shirley Bassey’ but this time released in Holland on the emidisc label.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve there are colour photos on the front and back of the sleeve and two black and white concert photos inside.  Also all the tracks are listed inside the sleeve but no other notes.  Containing 24 tracks record 1 is the album ‘The Fabulous Shirley Bassey’ whereas record 2 is a compilation of 12 tracks from Shirley’s Columbia recordings.  These include ‘I’ll Get By’, ‘Tonight’, ‘How Can You Tell’ and ‘Goldfinger’.  Yet again there is no date for when it was released but my guess is around the early ’70’s.  I know I have had it for many years.

Another nice addition to the collection.

SB - SB Emidisc - Holland

SB - SB Emidisc 2 - Holland

SB - SB Emidisc 3 - Holland

SB - SB Emidisc 4 - Holland